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The power of colour SHOULD NOT be underestimated...

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It’s Hannah, back again with another three ads that caught my eye this week while Fraser is away on Holiday.

Let’s get started.

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Ah simplicity. To the point, no mess no fuss static ads are a favourite of mine, and this one by Waterdrop has managed to hit everything it needs while still looking pretty damn gorgeous.

When it comes down to it, most static ads need only two things for someone to understand the product. A visual is usually necessary along with an explanation/ callouts to give that little bit more detail.

Let’s start with the visual. Something I know I’ve mentioned time and time again, but an aesthetically pleasing ad will always be a massive hit on the feed. We like to see pretty things, that’s all it comes down to.

Fraser has also spoken about this previously, but showing off the product in someone’s hands has proven to help with conversions. This is because the viewer can easily spot the size of the product, thus making a decision to see if it is worth the money for them to make the purchase.

The callouts are also vital - the USP’s are stated clearly along with some cute illustrations to add a little something extra to the static. That’s not forgetting the call to action also. Everything wrapped up with a cherry on top 🍒

Real Techniques

The power of colour can be underestimated in a social ad, and this one by Real Techniques proves how powerful it can be.

The beauty industry is one in particular that understands how colour can impact how a viewer feels. Real Techniques branding is already fun and exciting - and they’ve made sure their marketing has stayed consistent. Colour can really set the mood e.g. Yellow evokes feelings of happiness. So make sure you are really making your ad pop and don’t be afraid to be bold on the feed.

Colour on social needs to be focused on for a number of reasons.
1. It is incredibly impactful to stop the scroll (this ad is more than likely going to grab your attention over the 3rd back to school picture on Meta).

And 2. Colour relates to emotion and this then leads to drive decision making. The psychology behind colour theory is crazy and could mean a potential consumer could turn into a returning customer. Cultivating these emotions is so effective, you would be silly not to utilise them in your ads.

And that’s just mentioning the colour in this ad! Along with the textures, transitions and copy, overall I think this is a winner.

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Gone are the days of traditional haircare commercials. I bet it’s imprinted in everyone’s memory. You would switch on the TV, and someone would be swooshing their long locks in slow motion as their hair glistened in the light. But thanks to platforms such as TikTok, there has been a more realistic shift. This ad by Ouai is one I particularly enjoyed.

Highlighting how a product slots into your daily routine has been trending for quite some time now, and has given brands such as Ouai a more relatable feel as consumers can see the product in action used by a ‘normal person’. That’s the beauty of UGC.

So what makes this a hit? Well, the consumer isn’t going to feel oversold. If it slots into your feed like this, then a viewer might feel more obliged to watch it and see the end result. One thing I will say is that it also doesn’t feel overcomplicated. We don’t need to be bombarded with ingredients and beauty industry jargon all the time. Strip your advert back to the bare bones and you’ll be surprised. Simplicity wins every time.

That’s all for me this week - I’ll see you next time for another 3 ads.

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