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Hello hello hello lovebirds! Valentine’s week is upon us and you’ll be pleased to know none of this week’s ad creatives is valentine related 🤣🤣

If you're new here, I’m Fraser and each week I break down 3 ad creatives to help you learn and scale your own ads.

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I love this creative. It’s super eye-catching but gives you all the relevant information you need. The video is very benefit-driven, always a plus when marketing anything that’s health-related.

But the real reason I love this creative is how they’ve demonstrated flavours. I’ve seen a similar creative from Huel in the past but Oats Overnight has put its own spin on it. The bottle is slowly filling up with an image of the flavours that you can get the product in and since most overnight oats taste like ass, this is a big selling point. Displaying information with images like this is much more engaging and stops the users scroll more than animated text would.

On the topic of animated text, as each layer of flavours slides onto the screen the USP text also comes onto the screen and is motivated by the flavour. It pulls everything together and makes the GIF feel more together. Big tip there, when pairing motion together, try to time things together. This helps the piece feel less jarring to the viewer.

Altogether, I love this creative. So much to learn from a small piece of creative like this.


How can you get the most out of your UGC? Well, Alleyoop has been kind enough to show us.

Split-screen ads are KILLING it for our clients on all platforms right now and this example is such a clever way to show off a beauty product. On the left, we have a product demo. Beautifully shot and cut together well. The creator is in the target demographic and working her magic to display the product in its best light.

On the right, we have a super clean product image and animated text. It looks lovely, really clean and easy to understand. Fantastic display of reusing UGC footage to generate new ad creative. However! I think it could have been cleaner in terms of design. Here’s what I’d change;

I think removing the shade colour and moving the steps into the centre would be a great boost in performance, it gives the viewer less to look at and allows them to focus on the important part of the creative. This would be a great little variation to test.

What do you think? Drop a reply to the email and let me know.

All top-performing DTC ads have one thing in common, they include UGC! 🎬

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Go-To Skin Care

I LOVE GIFs. You might already know this, but they are one of my favourite types of ad creative. I think they look great, and best of all perform really well!

This one from Go-To Skin Care is a nice example of great design paired with performance. The ad looks great, from a brand perspective it fits the bill. But they’ve not forgotten about the performance. Simple movement in the image along with a big headline and a catchy subline.

Then to finish it off, we have a selling point “60 seconds! And done! Glow on!” This line and the curve really tie the image together. However - I think it could be more USP-heavy. What separates this product from the other similar brands on the market? A lot of beauty brands are fighting for attention, so what makes you worthy of the sale? Call it out inside your creative.

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