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Reviling my ad creative secrets

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Hey team, and welcome back to Nice Ads! This week, I have another three ads lined up for you. I’ll share my insight and help you learn what makes a great ad.

I’ll also be breaking down one of the ads we’ve made at Fraggell and giving you a real insight into what goes into making a winning creative.

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Ela & Earth

One of the best ways to make an ad creative is to read your reviews and comments and then create videos that answer common questions and concerns. I have a feeling that’s how this creative above was made.

They saw that people wanted to know what you could fit into their bags and this was the response - although it might seem like a video that would be best suited for organic social. This type of video does work really well on paid because you are answering a question many scrollers will have when they first see your product. So by making ads like this, you are addressing an objection right away. Leaving them with no reason not to buy.

Place yourself in the buyer’s shoes - They’re in the market for a water bottle bag, and they’re unsure what brand would be best. Then you deliver this creative to them. They instantly have one of their main questions answered, and that could be the deciding factor between a purchase or a scroll past.

That’s what your ad creative should do. Educate, address concerns and sell your product, and by using reviews and comments, you will never run out of new ideas.


We’ve been working with Chomps for a few months now, and last month, we made this killer creative for them, which, as I write, is their best performer in the account. But why is it a winner? Let’s find out.

If you watch the entire video you’ll notice we use a sketch format to present Chomps as the best option when you need a quick snack on the go. This back-and-forth between the actor makes the information feel less like a sales pitch and more like a real conversation you might have. I believe this is one of the main factors that went into making this creative perform so well. You see it all the time on organic - So why wouldn’t it work on paid?

There is also one extra point that makes this video perform so well, and that’s the creator. This guy has made so many winning ads for us and I honestly think part of the reason is his voice. It’s so deep and he kinda sounds like Obama 😂. I think people hear his voice and stop just to listen to him.

That proves one of my main theories about UGC ads. The creator plays the biggest part in whether a video will win or not. A boring creator with no personality often leads to a bad ad. People don’t want to sit and listen to someone moan on and on. They want to be entertained and enjoy what they are watching. So, if you do have any of those ads that you think might be failing due to the creator, why not re-record them with someone new? Give it a test and see the results.


Challenger products are some of the hardest to market. You are going against household names with billion-pound budgets. So what do you do? How do you make people buy you instead of the brand they’ve always thought of?

With creative like this.

Educating the customer on why you are the better option, with features that are linked back to the customer. For example, in the video, they speak about their silent motor. Instead of just leaving it there, they link the feature back to how it benefits the customer. People don’t care about features unless they make their lives better. Focus on the benefits.

But that’s not the only reason this creative is great—it’s also the style. I’ve noticed more and more brands doing videos like this: voice-over-led direct-response videos with archive footage and images to support the script, and from what I’ve heard, the performance is great. My theory here is that as video platforms grow, people’s habits are changing again. They want to see more content that looks like something they could create, less crazy edits and more personality and rawness (if that’s a word).

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be testing this theory with some of our clients at Fraggell - I’ll report back with my findings.

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I’ll see you next week when we do it all over again.

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