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You should steal these ads 👀

Another week, another 3 ads for your viewing pleasure. I'm currently writing this while it's 27 degrees outside and I'm melting, so I do apologise for any jibberish.

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Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective

Let's chat about simple static creative. Often overlooked but can be so powerful! In fact, a lot of our clients are seeing better results on Facebook with statics than they are with videos 🤯

The best part is they can be straightforward to create - That's why I love this image from Girlfriend Collective. Take a UGC or professional image, overlay some text and graphics and ta-da ✨

But why would this image in particular perform well for Girlfriend Collective? Because it's aspirational. The brand's core demographic aspires to look the way she does and so this will cause people to click and make a purchase in the hopes that they will look and feel the same as the model in the advert. This is a core selling point for many apparel brands but can attract tremendous results when used well. 

It's simple sales psychology. Look for the deeper reason as to why someone would buy your product. 



I chat about this all the time, but social proof is king when running paid media. "I didn't think there was a real solution for hair loss" is a great quote to have in a scroll stopper because people like me who are losing their hair will stop right away and watch. 

I say this because I have stopped for this advert 👀

The split-screen view is also becoming very popular, in fact, one of our clients got a massive 5x ROAS on a split-screen advert we created this week for them. Super simple and underrated effect but you don't often see it on the feed and so it stands out. 

The advert goes on to show some more UGC testimonials, mixed in with professional footage further cementing the social proof mentioned at the start of the advert. 

You can watch the full advert here

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This advert is bound to stop your scroll for so many reasons

  • Great design

  • Simple concept

  • Colourful

I've never seen something like this before and I'm sure many of you haven't either. The rotating shoe is an angle you don't often see and will definitely draw the customer in. 

If you pair this advert with a great landing page that carries on the fun, poppy narrative then you are bound to get a purchase. This is where a lot of brands fall short when the creative doesn't match the landing page,his can create an untrustworthy feeling for the customer and push them away from making a cold purchase. 

Watch the full advert here.

That's all this week, thanks for reading. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and I'll see you next time 👋

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