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The Secrect to Converting Creative 👀

Actionable inspiration for your ads

Hello all! Another week, another set of creative to look over and dissect 📚 I have a lot to say this week so let's waste no time and get into it.

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Let's talk camera movement. A technique that's normally overlooked in ad creative but can be SO powerful.  Moving the camera can be used for so much, from revealing something to creating emotion. 

But let's focus on this video from Honeylove and how they used movement that is added in editing to engage the viewer. 

We start off on the bra, the focus of the video. But then quickly zoom out to see the creator's face. Why is this so great? Because it elevates the creative. Before this camera move was added, we'd have been looking at a static shot of her talking about the bra. But as soon as the zoom is added the video looks a million times more active and engaging. 

This carries on throughout the video, from subtle pans to crash zooms. It's all there to make this more than a standard UGC testimonial video. It looks much higher production with just those small changes. The best part is how easy all this is to add to the creative. It takes a few seconds in most editing software.

We've seen massive increases in hold rate at Fraggell when adding movement in the first few seconds of a video. So don't underestimate the power of the move. 



I love Olipop. They have such brilliant creative that's always colourful and stands out from the feed - That's just one of the reasons I love this static advert. 

The other main reason is the copy. We spoke about this last week on Nice Ads. But copy plays such a major part in well-performing creative that I couldn't ignore a chance to mention it again.

"Get it while it's hot out" - A great play of the phrase "Come and get it while it's hot". Just brilliant. The other headline "Guess who's back again?" makes this so effective. Even if you've never tried this drink before you'll read the copy and want to go out and order it. "If they've brought it back then it must be good!" is what most people will be thinking when reading this. You create a want for the product right away. People want what they can't have.

Pair that with the super clean image of the can and you are onto a winner. The straw even has water droplets on it 🤤. 

Hats off to whoever is creating the static ads at Olipop because this is just 10/10.

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Spot and Tango

Spot and Tango

Alright, I've covered this on my Twitter many times. But the post-it note creative is just unbelievably effective. So much so that it actually became one of the most successful ad formats for one of our clients on TikTok 🤯 Who'd of thought it? 

The method is as follows: Write your captions on a post-it note, stick it to something and film it. 

So simple. 

But it works. Every time. 

Maybe it's the colour paper or the handwritten aesthetic - I have no idea. I'm not that smart. But you need to try it.

Go grab yourself some post-it notes and film some ads today! Give them a test and tweet me your results. 

That's all for Nice Ads this week! Thanks for reading 😀 If you're new here make sure you keep an eye out for this newsletter every week and feel free to share it with a friend. 

You can also view all the past ads we've covered here.

Almost 1,000 of you now! Thank you each and every one of you 💖

See you next week

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