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The Secret to App Ad Creative

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Happy Easter everyone! Hope you had a good weekend and ate so much chocolate that you struggle to move because that’s me right now.

This week we have a mix of video and static ads to cover. So let’s get right into it, shall we?

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Rise Science

Advertising for apps can be hard. You don’t have a product to show and so you end up just showing screen recordings or recording someone on their phone. It can look really boring, really fast. Go watch this full video here before we break it down.

So when I saw this advert from Rise I had to share it with you. The creative is built around the problem-solution concept and uses busy tired mums as the target customer. And that’s why it works so well because everything is being linked back to the customer and how the product helped them.

So many winning creatives use this format because it works. You present a problem that resonates with the demographic and then show them a solution. We’re always looking for ways to make our life better or easier if you can present a way for your customer’s life to be better - Then why would they not try it?

One of the reasons apps can do so well with this format is that you can offer a free trial to the viewer to hook them in. Give them a taste of how great life COULD be. I’m sure many people in ecom wish we could do that, after all that’s why they give away samples in Cosco.

Also, I don’t think we can finish this without speaking about the hook - It has nothing to do with the product. I see a lot of this, creatives with something eye-catching at the start to bring up the hook rate. But does this work? In my experience. No, you end up attracting the wrong people. They watch the hook and then bounce. You’d be much better off creating a hook that’s relevant to the customer, you’d get a lower hook rate but a much higher hold rate - Meaning people are more invested. But, every brand is different. So give it a try!


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this copy. Advertising products like the blue pill can be hard on Meta. You have to be very clever with your copy or hook people in with another product. I’ve seen a few brands go hard on hair loss advertising to get people into the funnel to sell them ED pills. Clever.

But this is just simple, a review with an emoji to replace the word we all know was in the review originally. This review is almost too good to be real, I feel like it could be manufactured for the ad creative and that would not shock me.

At the end of the day, do what you need to do to make people click (As long as it doesn’t offend anyone or scam them). This is a simple creative, but they’ve found a clever idea to advertise a taboo topic. So good on them.


You know when you see a product and your first thought is “Why is this a thing?” but then you carry on watching the video and at the end you kinda want it? Yeah, this is what I got with this product.

Because the reason they give you to buy this product is a good reason. Listening to music on a speaker in the shower and your partner is shouting at you to turn it down - Well it’s not a problem anymore. I can’t say I have that problem, but I understand why some people would buy it for that reason.

This is one product that without a good video ad creative people would not buy it. But the second that you display it in a creative that speaks to the demographic and demos it well you unlock an entire new customer base. Some products were made for video creative and this is one of them.

Simple creative that speaks to the right people and shows them what it’s like to use will always perform. Also, my gut is telling me this is a new dropshipping product we are all going to see everywhere in about 2 months.

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I’ll see you next week ✌️

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