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The Secret Behind HiSmile's Ad Creative

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

It’s Monday - Let’s break down some ads. This week we have some killers, we’re looking at creative from HiSmile, Ovira and Nerdwax.

Grab a coffee and let’s get into it.


Short-form ads - Everyone needs them inside their account. See the example above, that’s the entire advert. 7 seconds. And what do we learn from it? Everything we need to know about the product.

A lot of the time you don’t need a big fancy 30-second advert - Instead you might just need a quick demo of how your product works. Videos like this are perfect for MOF, you are showing a customer who is already aware of you how great your product is - Pushing them over the purchase line.

Another reason why you need creatives like this is they often don’t need a hook. The video is happening so fast that the entire video acts like a hook - By the time the user has scrolled by they have watched the entire video & learnt about your product.

This would also work really well on TikTok - Short and sweet and very satisfying.


This craze is so simple but I bet it KILLS. How often have you seen something and thought, I’ll put that on the Christmas list. All the time as we come into Q4 I bet, and this is just one of the methods Ovira are using in this advert.

They’re creating desire for the product out of thin air, a future customer may see this and think “Well if this girl wanted one so bad and she tweeted about it, then it must be good!”. That’s what gets the sale! Inflated social proof.

Along with that, we have a nice UGC image behind the tweet, displaying what the product is and how it’s used. Chances are this would have sat in MOF/BOF, pushing the customer to purchase with social proof and reminding them about the product.

Best part? This would have been so quick to make and the rewards would have been tremendous.

They’re a lot of templates like this inside Creative OS that you can use to quickly test concepts like this.

Or just use a fake Tweet generator and mock one up yourself.

Have you ever wanted to design adverts like the leaders in DTC? Well, now you can.

Introducing my newest product - Creative OS Experts.

We’ve teamed up with 6 top creators in the space and made templates based on their high-performing ads. Just like any other Creative OS pack you can edit them in seconds and have one running in your account in under 5 minutes.

This isn’t an advert for a random product, this is a product the team and myself have worked hard to create. It makes your life 10x easier and should be a staple in everyone’s toolbox.

Grab a pack today and try it for yourself.


HiSmile is the master of organic adverts. Ads that work in organic AND as paid media - The perfect mix. Especially for platforms like TikTok. Let’s break it down and see what we can learn - Before that, go watch it in full here.

The overall concept is perfect for organic, I’ll give you X if you do Y. It’s pretty much the same idea Mr Beast has in every video. It captures attention right away, we’re invested after only a few seconds.

But the amazing thing about this ad is how they manage to sell you the product without even trying. In a matter of seconds, we see the results the product gives you, live in front of your eyes and we even get a before and after. And it’s that result that sells us the product. It hits every beat a video ad should.

Away from the concept, the setting is also great - in a public place with a random dude. It screams organic TikTok and fits perfectly into the feed. Pay attention people, this is how you create a TikTok advert that people will watch and enjoy even though it’s an advert.

That’s all for this week’s Nice Ads - Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to give it a read and I hope you learnt something.

I’ll see you next time ✌️

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