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The Secret to Converting Creative 🤫

3 ads your can steal this week

Welcome back to Nice ads! I've prepared 3 brilliantly creative ads for you this week. So make sure you have a coffee and let's get started, shall we?

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Before and afters! I can already hear you "But Fraser, Facebook won't let you use before and afters" well let me let you into a little secret.

They're starting to allow you 🤫

Meta is losing a lot of customers. Because of that, they have started to loosen the rules on what creative can run as ads. One of those types is before and afters.

We have a number of clients that have started to notice creatives like the one from Geologie are getting passed! That's good news! However please don't abuse this. It might not be the case on your ad account, but it's worth a try!

Before and afters are so powerful with result-driven brands. If you can be smart with them then it will help your conversion rate massively. Why? Well, people like to see proof before they buy, and a before and after will do just that. It knocks down one of their main objections before they even hit the landing page.

If you think this style of video/photo might just work for your brand then give it ago! It might get passed, it might not. But it's worth a try! Just make sure you get creative with it!



The public interview has become super popular in the past year with the rise of TikTok. But have you thought about using it in your paid media?

Well, that's just what Chirp did. They get random people on the street to use their product and film their reaction! The result? Advertising gold 🔥

This works for a number of reasons, the first one being entertainment. You end up watching the advert just to be entertained and see what the heck is making them react like they are.

The other reason is social proof! What's more compelling than seeing a random person on the street say they love a product? Not much. So when you see these people fall in love with the product on camera you are bound to head to the page and try it for yourself!

The best part about this is how easy it is to make yourself! Head onto the street with your iPhone and your product and get people to try it. Film the reactions, edit them together in an engaging way, and bingo. You can thank me later 😁

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Harry's is one of those brands that is always making great ads. This one, in particular, caught my eye. Why?

I've never seen this done before.

It's the most perfect way I've seen to demonstrate an offer. You show it like a receipt - something we are all familiar with seeing. In a quick glance, we can see how much the product WOULD cost and how much it WILL cost. That main price objection disappears before we even hit the landing page.

They've paired that with a UGC product demo to show the product is used by normal people in badly lit bathrooms and the results look just as good as that £30 razor you have.

You really need to steal this ad creative because I am 🤣

And that's your lot! Thanks once again for joining me for Nice Ads - They'll be another 3 ads for you next week. We're almost at 1,000 subscribers 🎉 So thank you everyone for pressing subscribe.

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