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Secrets to Amazing Ad Creative 🤯

Ready to learn how to make better ads?

Welcome back to Nice Ads! An even bigger hello to all the newbies 👋 It's been great to see so many people joining each week.

Q4 is officially here! I hope you've started to gather your content - If not then here is your reminder to get your skates on.

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Without further ado, let's get rolling on this week's 3 adverts



The reason I wanted to pick this advert this week was for the copy. A lot of the time when you are selling a high-ticket item on social your customer hits the landing page and leaves as soon as they see the price. So this begs the question - How do you reframe your price?

Well, I think ŌURA have done a great job at just this. They've just divided the item's price by 365. This gave them a daily price of under $1. Genius. Because what's more appealing $335 now or $0.92 a day? The item appears to become SO much cheaper as soon as you break it down with a daily cost. Especially when the item in question is used every day.

Another great example of this is comparing it to something people buy daily like coffee. You spend $5 a day at Starbucks so why wouldn't you pay $0.92 to become a better you?

The second you anchor the price onto something else, the value is perceived differently and this is so powerful on social ads.

The Oodie

The Oodie

Let's talk TikTok hooks. What makes a good TikTok hook? Well, I think this video from Oodie is a solid example.; "Things about my X that just make sense".

Why does this work so well? Simply put, it sparks interest. That's the point of any good hook, we want to draw the viewer in. However, a lot of the time the hooks we see on TikTok don't make good paid ads - why? Well, because they aren't created with the product first.

A good TikTok advert is product focused. We want the viewer to be interested in the product - That's why the video above is a great advert. Every clip is ABOUT the product and gives a reason to buy.

The video is also super playful, this helps on TikTok. Because TikTok is mostly an entertainment platform, your ads need to evoke some kind of emotion from the viewer. So being silly on camera in your adverts is always a winner because it makes your video memorable, meaning your product is made memorable.

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All top-performing DTC ads have one thing in common, they include UGC! 🎬

But most brands are unable to get UGC at scale, that is actually licensed for use across paid channels.

Enter: minisocial, a user-generated content platform that pairs brand sup with micro-influencer creatives who produce scroll-stopping UGC that you can take and plug in across ALL your marketing channels.

Brands like Huel, Care/of, Harry's, Imperfect Foods, and Native all turn to minisocial when they need UGC-style content for their marketing channels.

minisocial's campaigns are accessibly priced (starting at $1.7k thanks to your Nice Ads discount 😉) and as a fully-managed platform they take all the stress away and allow you to get started in only 10 minutes



If you have been reading this newsletter for a while then you'll know that I often tell you to KISS (Keep it simple stupid). This video from Kizik is a PERFECT example of this, especially the scroll stopper.

Kizik make shoes that slide on without you having to touch them. So how do you advertise them? Show someone putting them on without touching them. Simple. The product is the scroll stopper! The shot is also very easy on the eye as it's a pleasure to watch. The shoes are a pastel colour that stands out from the grey and white background, drawing our eye to the screen.

If you go watch the full video you'll notice it's led by a voice-over - This style of creative is becoming more and more popular thanks to TikTok. I really do love a good voice-over in a video ad, it adds an extra something that really helps elevate the quality of the advert.

That's all for this week's Nice Ads 👏 Thanks as always for reading - Be sure to check out this week's recommendations below and I'll see you next week.

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