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The Special Sauce for TikTok Ads 中

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Wake up! Its Nice Ads time. Get yourself ready for 3 creative breakdowns to help you make better ads this week.

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Shall we get started?


Some of the best TikTok ads Ive seen recently are leading with value just like this one from Otherland. If you watch the advert, at the beginning of it they mention their new fall range of candles. But then they go on to add value to the customer by telling them the proper way to burn candles.

A lot of you might be thinking this style of advert is a waste - But lets remember. TikTok is an entertainment platform, so to sell you need to fit into the feed and the best way to do that is to lead with value.

You add value enough times, the customer thinks of you next time theyre buying a candle. It also helps increase the pool of people you can retarget who have viewed your videos in the past.

Go give this video a watch in full and youll see why I think its a great choice - It looks great, its nice to watch and listen. PLUS they are using it as a massive plug for the new range of candles.

Your advertising doesnt always need to be direct.


Simple statics are my favourite. One image. One headline and a CTA. Just lovely.

And thats why I picked this one from Buffy. I love the copy, its clever and gets across the selling point of the product. Plus that font You have to love a well-designed advert like this.

But the best part is ads like this are so easy to make. You can write the copy yourself or use something like ChatGPT, pair it with a nice product image and then test out lots of different CTAs. An easy win for your account.

If you find the designing part hard then you can use tools like Creative OS. The template system I designed to help brands and agencies of any size generate endless high-quality static ads. Give it a look - Create something like the above and get it running this week!

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Wear Nala

While were on the topic of great copy. Check out this one from Nala. How clever is this?

They're using the false negative play in a really clever way. Im sure weve all seen those adverts 5 reasons you shouldnt buy X and they end up positive. Well this is the same thing. The review is 1 star, right away our minds want to read it. But as we do it turns out its just a plug for how great the product is. Super smart.

I always talk about using reviews in your ad creative and how its a free creative strategy and this advert is a great example. Even though this review is probably made up, you can 100% do the same with real negative reviews.

For example - Launching a new version of a product that fixes a main problem people had with V1. Show the review and then the fix along with the copy We heard you - Free advert for you right there.

Everything is content. Everything is able to be framed to bring you new customers. You just have to think about it.

BOOM. Were done. Another week is complete - Thanks for reading, its been a pleasure having you. Speak next week 儭

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