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Spilling The Secrets to Converting Ad Creative

Get ready for pure value this week πŸ”₯

The final full week before Christmas is here, so let's kick it off right by breaking down 3 ad creatives that you can learn from.

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Lets get started!



Statics are really powerful right now on Meta. With online habits changing, it's an exciting time to advertise on Facebook.

But this advert really grabbed me this week and the core reason was the copy. It's very easy to fall into the trap of writing straightforward sales copy when it comes to static ads - But often enough this fails to get the results you hope it will achieve.

That's where being smart with your copy is key, since it's the core focus of your creative. "This ad isn't for you. It's for future you" is such a clever way of making the customer think about WHY they're buying the product. It's always useful to think deeper about why your customer is interested in your product and what's driving them to purchase.

As well as copy we should always talk about the aesthetic of this creative. MUD/WTR is a very clean and modern-looking brand, you get this vibe right away from this static. No fuss, just product. It looks and feels very on-brand.

Pairr Tech

Pairr Tech

The video uses one of the easiest and most powerful techniques to grab attention in the first second of your creative and I'm about to spill all...

The crash zoom.

We do this ALL the time and it ALWAYS works. Zooming out from the product or the center of the frame in the first second of the video grabs people right away and stops the scroll every time. It just works. The best part is not that many people are using this, so 🀫 Don't tell anyone.

It's also super easy to do in editing, just mark your first frame as zoomed in and then move along and add your next keyframe as the final shot. Done. You can do simple animations like this in most free and paid-for tools.

But it's not just the zoom that makes this video killer. There are a few more factors I want to break down - The first is the script, if you watch the video in full you'll hear how much of the script is built around the core product USPs. PAIRR has done the research and knows what the customer wants to hear.

Second, to that, is the location. I know it makes sense to film a video about a car product in a car, but you'd be shocked how often I see UGC videos about bathroom products being filmed in a living room. The location can really matter when filming a piece to the camera.

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Comparing yourselves to your closest rival is a great way to show off your core USPs and the main reason why someone would reach for you over someone else. But as you can see in this example from Smol, the comparison is doing something much more.

They're showing you the impact of not using their product. This creates a sense of urgency for consumers to make a purchasing decision, they feel pressure to choose one option over the other. Do they carry on with old habits and put more plastic in landfill or do they purchase Smol. The option is a no-brainer and that's what Smol wants. They want you to see what an easy fix this could be and the impact the small fix could make.

But away from this Smol example, you can see how powerful the VS's creative angle can be. It allows a brand to position itself in the minds of consumers in relation to its main competitors. By explicitly comparing and contrasting the features, benefits, and values you can highlight your core USPs and how you stand out from everyone else. Making YOU the market leader.

That's all for this week's Nice Ads - Thanks so much for reading and remember to drop me a follow on Twitter for daily tips and tricks on how you can make better ad creative.

Have a great Holiday and I'll see you next week ✌️

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