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How to stand out in a busy social feed

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Welcome back to Nice Ads! This week we have a selection of videos ads for you - One of them is made by my team at Fraggell so I can break it down for you in detail!

Let’s jump right in.

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I saw this advert last week and honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. It’s one of those ad creatives you can’t look away from and I’d love to see the results in the ad account for this.

It’s so hard to think up creative ideas for apparel brands, so when I saw this I knew I had to share it with you. But as well as being eye-catching, it’s pretty easy to make (if you know how to use After Effects). All you need is a bunch of images of your model in different poses and outfits, then use AI to generate some background and then simply cut out the shape of your model on the background. It gets a bit more advanced when you need to do the background animation part, this takes some After Effects magic. Videos like this that use new ideas people have never seen before will always catch the eye more than a UGC advert. So think outside the box and see what you could do differently.

Pawsafe (Made by me)

My amazing team at Fraggell made this creative for our client Pawsafe and I want to break it down and tell you what we did and why we did it. Go watch the video in full here and then come back.

Okay, now you’ve seen the creative let’s chat about it - First up you’ll notice it’s a mashup of a UGC video, AI voice video AND some high-production shots thrown in as well (Starring our office dog Frank). Why did we do this? Well because nothing like it had been made on the account before, so we wanted to try it out and see how the audience reacted. So far, it’s not too bad - The hook rate is around 30% and it’s showing early signs it could work.

The bulk of the video is based around the 3 reasons idea - Educating the customer on why they need the brand’s product. This type of creative can be really effective for TOF and getting people interested in the product and into the funnel. We’re planting the seed so to speak. We’re mixing all these different mediums so that we can show the information in the most consumable way. All while grabbing the viewer with cute dogs.

We also hook the user in with the opening line “3 signs your pup might have poor gut health”. The viewer will watch because they want to know what’s best for their dog. This is why the hook rate is high.

This is what we do at Fraggell, try to find gaps in the account that need filling and finding out what best fits. I think this creative turned out great - What do you think?

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I love how simple this video is and how effective it is at hooking in the viewer. They are posing a question to you that makes you think. I’m sure a few of us have tried Matcha and gone ‘meh’ so when seeing this on our feed, maybe in a story or reel placement, we’ll go ‘I wonder if that is the case’.

Matcha is having a real moment right now as we all become more aware of the effects coffee has on our health and so we’re looking for alternatives, If you happen to be in the market then you’ve maybe tried Matcha or want to. So this advert is targeting you! It’s a great example of targeting with your creative - Because the only people who will engage with this is your perfect customer. When they do, Meta takes note and shows it to other similar people. See how powerful the right creative can be?

My only problem with this advert is the landing page - The video takes us to a product page. A creative like this should land us on something like an advertorial or a blog about the product and why Matcha is better than other drinks - It helps carry on that non-sales approach and gets the viewer into the funnel and onto the website.

Your LP should always match and reflect your creative, it’s so important and often forgotten about. I even tweeted about it last year.

So if you want to run a video like this, then think about the entire journey and how you can make it benefit the customer.

And that’s it for Nice Ads this week! Thanks so much for reading, remember you if you think a friend might like this newsletter you can refer them using your personal link - https://www.niceads.uk/subscribe?ref=PLACEHOLDER

I’ll see you next week ✌️

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