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How to Target with Creative

Happy Monday team! We’re in the middle of a heatwave here in the UK so I’m currently writing this with the aircon on full blast in the office and a fan on my face.

But let’s get things started - If you’re new here, each week I break down 3 ad creatives to help you with your paid media.

So without further ado. Let’s get started.

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The Honey Pot Company

I don’t often see this angle but it’s a killer one if your product is one that is trying to compete with a traditional way of doing something like this wash from The Honey Pot.

The hook shows the old way of doing something and then we cut to something better (Your product). Often people are stuck in an old way of doing something and have no idea there is a better alternative out there - This angle is made for those people.

If you watch the video in full you’ll also notice how aesthetically pleasing the creative is as a whole. A really lovely shot UGC video in keeping with what the target customer would want to see. Everything down to the language they use helps engage the right people. All round, a top video.

JSHealth Vitamins

I LOVE THESE TYPES OF ADS! I’ve been seeing a lot of them and I recently put them in one of my tweets that showed the best creatives for protein brands. You can see it here 👇

Basically, you are taking an image people are familiar with like their phone’s UI and using it to promote your brand. In this case, they’re also using it to get around Metas before and after policies (Very smart). This style of creative just looks super organic and fits perfectly into the feed - I love it. Go try it.

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Cin Cin

You know me, I love simple creative and apparel brands have the luxury to do this more than any other niche. Like this example, show a model wearing the outfit/putting an outfit together. Add some text. Boom. Ad creative done.

The target demographic will see it, want it and buy it. Especially if there’s an offer presented like this example. The other side of this is also the model - You want to pick a model/creator that best shows off your clothes - Making t-shirts for dadbods? Show dads. Making high-end bikinis? Show a woman that has the best shape and lifestyle for your product. People relate to people like them.

So if you happen to be in this niche, don’t overthink it. Pick a model that’s in your demographic, get them in the product and cut together something short and sweet.

Don’t overthink your creative. Keep it simple & let the creative do the targeting.

That’s your lot for this weeks Nice Ads. Thanks again for taking time out of your day to read this and I’ll see you again soon ✌️

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