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Three Creatives I LOVED This Week

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Hello - long time no see! Hannah here and I’m back to cover for Fraser to give you 3 adverts that have stood out for me on the feed

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This is a very cool ad. The brand, which offers personalised leather goods, has done something completely out of the box with this one. And here’s why…

Ever wondered why you end up watching content on social media, only to realise you have been watching an advert the whole time? Well, this is something that is hard to crack and it’s something we push at Fraggell all the time. If it doesn’t feel like an ad, then the viewer will more than likely stick around. We don’t enjoy feeling sold to, so an advert like this is perfect.

It may seem like a video of phones being stacked into a pyramid format, but it’s much more than that. From first glance, we can see some of the gorgeous colourways the company has to offer, along with the personalised aspect of the phone case. There’s no suggestion of this - just a simple visual that demonstrates what the brand has to offer. Very clever.

This is also not forgetting that the whole ad serves as a scroll stopper. It may only be a short clip, but it will retain attention as potential consumers will be interested to see what’s going to happen. And if they aren’t potential consumers, I’m sure people will stick around to see if the phones go tumbling!

Life Supplies

Many of our clients are unsure how effective a static can be. With video, you can include a ton of detail, whereas static is just a snapshot of your brand. So you have to be smart with how you use your limited time and space. Life Supplies has hit the nail on the head with this one.

As you can see, the brand has a lot to offer. In this 9×16 static, we can see a number of SKUs, all highlighted in an aesthetically pleasing way. If you have a nice-looking product, why not show it off? The hand placements are also important to mention - this gives reference to product size, a handy tool which means customers understand what they are purchasing.

With Black Friday creeping up, the brand has been very clever with its choice of copy. When it gets to this time of year, it wouldn’t take much scrolling to find an ad that screams ‘90% OFF - LIMITED TIME, GRAB YOURS NOW’. Usually (and I’ve been guilty of this), you find yourself making a purchase that you didn’t need or want.

A brand such as Life Supplies will gain a ton of following for what it stands for. And the element of exclusivity is what works with this static. Interested in seeing what kind of sale they are having? Then it’s a no-brainer to sign up for their BF event. You will get the chance to see some deals, and the brand has driven everyone to their website. Job well done.

And it’s not just their static ads that are smashing it. Check out this one I found on their ad library - the whole vibe of the brand is just 👌🏼

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Clean Origin

Simplicity with a twist. Your creative doesn’t have to feel complicated if your product does the talking. Clean Origin is a great example of this.

So why is this static so effective? For a number of intentional choices actually. The copy for one - well done to the marketing team for this one. It’s something I always champion, humour just works on the feed. If you are making someone laugh, you are doing your job. Super smart.

The product. Yeah, yeah, I know - every woman is probably going to stop scrolling when this pops up on their feed. But the placement and focus are important. The product is perfectly in focus, moving to the hand and then the face ever-so-slightly blurred. This brings our attention to the star of the show AND the natural placement of the model’s hand doesn’t feel out of place.

And speaking of the model’s face, Clean Origin has been wise to show her off. We detect faces quicker than anything, grabbing your attention and therefore stopping you in your tracks. We are drawn to faces, and studies have actually proven that brand recognition is increased as we relate the face to the product.

All these factors make up for an incredibly effective static ad - witty copy, standout product, and gorgeous face. Mission accomplished.

That’s all for this week’s Nice Ads! Thanks for having me, I’ll see you next time.

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