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Is TikTok Shop The Future of Ad Creative?

Find this weeks top 3 ads inside 👀

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How is it June… This year is already speeding by, so let’s see if we have time to fit in some ad breakdowns.

This week, we have a killer UGC creative that should give you some ideas if you are doing TikTok Shop, as well as a video we made at Fraggell for a CPG brand.

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TikTok Shop is taking over our feeds. Random people are selling you something on your TikTok feed. I am not going to lie—the volume of the ads is driving me mad. But one good thing to come out of it is a new style of creative along with some amazing creators.

Give this video a watch it full and then come back and let’s talk about it.

You’ll first notice how raw and relatable the video is, with no captions or crazy editing—just simple direct sales to the camera. But it’s so full of personality that you don’t really care. I found myself watching it all without even realising it. I feel like I've been banging this drum for the past few weeks here, but simple UGC is what is working right now, and I think that’s all down to TikTok Shop.

Creators on TTShop aren’t filming a million shots and editing them with captions and emojis. They're hitting record and talking to the camera, full of enthusiasm and energy for what they're talking about—because they are real people.

This is what UGC comes down to making ads - people want to watch because they relate to the person. It might be something to think about when casting your next project.


We’ve been working with CHOMPS at Fraggell for a number of months now to help them with their Meta and TikTok ad creative needs, and it’s been a real pleasure. We’ve found a few winning concepts for them, and I wanted to share this one video and break down how we made it and why.

You can buy CHOMPS in most major retailers in the USA, and so when advertising a brand like this, it’s always good to show the product in those stores, whether it’s in a basket like the example hook or on a shelf. It helps the consumer understand that they can go to the shops right now and try it for themselves. After they’ve found they love it, they can go online and get some exclusive flavours and deals. We do this same thing with ALOHA.

One of the primary demographics we found buying Chomps is those on strict diets. We identified this by looking at customer reviews and what people say online. So, what better way to speak to those people than to make an entire advert around them?

We target those people using the hook, calling them out in the first few seconds of the video. This is a fundamental way you can help push your ads to the right people. Your creative is your targeting and your hook plays a massive part in that. So don’t waste those first few seconds; hook in the right people!

We also show her in a few relevant locations to give the video more of a real feel and demonstrate how versatile the product is for anyone on the go.

I really love this video - it ticks a lot of boxes.

Are you a DTC brand spending under $20K/mo on ads and unable to hire an agency to take care of your ad creative? Well, I made something for you.

Introducing my course - The Ad Creative Course (Good name, right?)

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The bigger the brand, the more coverage you get or can pay for within transitional news outlets. Then, if you’re smart, you can use those articles in your paid media with screenshots to increase social proof. But what do you do if you're starting out? You make ads like this.

Creative a static that looks like a news article. Easy! Because at first glance, this is the same thing an expensive PR screenshot would do. But when you look further, it’s just a standard review ad. Using the headline to call out the problem ‘Gum Health’ and the subheading to further target the creative and the body text for the review. Very clever!

There is no need to use fake publication coverage; make a graphic that looks like it’s from a new website.

You can even go one step further and push this ad to a blog post or something similar on your site to really sell the idea that this is real.

Ads like this are becoming really popular. In fact, some larger brands are buying publications to use their social proof and website to publish articles about their brand - The Ridge did this with EDC (Everyday Carry). But we don’t all have that kind of money lying around, so instead - Why not just create an ad like this example 😂

Before I wrap up this week’s issue, I want to ask you for feedback on how we can improve Nice Ads. I’ve put together the top 5 pieces of feedback/suggestions we’ve received recently, and using the poll, you can vote on what you agree with the most.

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And just like that, another week done! I’ll see you next time.

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