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How to Use Familiarity To Sell More ๐Ÿค‘

Let's learn how to use familiarity to earn the click on your ad creative

BOO ๐Ÿ‘ป That's how you start an email on Halloween right?

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Anyway, let's get on with it.

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Javy Coffee

Javy Coffee

Our first creative comes from Javy Coffee. Be honest If you saw this advert you'd have stopped your scroll right? Right.

It's amazing. The design and concept behind this video are something I've not seen before. It's such a clever way to pattern interrupt and stops the mindless scroll of a user on social. But why? Why does this advert work so well?

The simple answer is familiarity. We're all familiar with receiving an AirDrop, whether it's from a friend or a random person at a concert. We've all been there. So when we see this video we stop and go "Hey that's cool". Then you look at what the ad is for and if you happen to be looking for a new way to make coffee then you click and learn more. Clever right?

You are giving them a reason to stop, even if that reason is to look at how cool your advert is. It's basic marketing. Hats off to Javy for this one. Solid ad creative ๐Ÿ‘

Athena Club

Athena Club

I feel like most weeks I'm repeating the same reasons as to why I've picked an advert. Copy and design. Both of these when done correctly make an amazing static advert and that's just what Athena Club has done.

They've taken a beautiful product image and paired it with some great copy. But copy that makes you think... When you first read it your natural reaction is "What? I'm confused" but once you think about it, suddenly it makes sense.

Apple = Great design

Dyson = Great function

The copy is basically saying, we made the apple of razors with the technology and function of the world's top hoover. Oh, and it's cute. This is a fantastic example of great copy, something that makes you think on a deeper level. Because the more you think about something, the more you remember it, and who normally remembers adverts? No one. So writing copy that makes you think deeper makes the brand stick. SO CLEVER.

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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Studio videos can convert so well when made for social like this one from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare. But how do you make them work for social and not look like a TVC? These are the main points I tell my team to hit when making a professional studio video for paid;

  • Great scroll stopper

  • Fast cuts

  • Eye catching

This creative from Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare ticks those boxes. The image and copy in the first few seconds stops the scroll and tells you about the product (two birds with one stone). Each shot in the video lasts no more than 2 seconds and every shot has some kind of motion - you need to keep the viewer on their toes.

Another reason this video works so well is the on-screen copy. Mixing in quotes from happy customers is another great way to show social proof in a very professional-looking video.

It's important when putting together your creative that you have a range of different ad styles, this way you are testing as much as possible to find a winner.

That's all folks! Thanks so much for reading and remember we're doing a massive giveaway when we hit 3,000 subscribers.

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