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Why You Should be Using TikTok Shop

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Happy Monday team and Happy December. We’re officially in the final month of the year and I have something special for you this week.

We’re focusing on TikTok Shop. It’s taken e-commerce by storm and overnight has made brands and creators endless cash. So let’s look at the creative. What makes people buy on TikTok Shop? Let’s find out.

Before we start though, it’s important to know how TikTok Shop creative can be published. You either see videos from the brands directly or from users (Creators). When creators make a video they’ll get a cut of each sale that they bring. So let’s get started.

Duel Auto Care

Duel has been killing it on TikTok Shop. They’re just around the corner from us here at Fraggell and they have a brilliant set-up and have cracked TT Shop.

They make videos that demo their products and then simply link to the product. It’s that easy.

When you’re in a niche like car cleaning your customers consume a lot of content so making videos that hit nicely into that feed is the key to selling products on the platform. But anything you can do to fit into the wider feed is a bonus, and that’s what they’ve done in this video above. They’ve started the video showing someone cleaning their car in the rain - Something we’ve all seen someone do and moaned about. That hooks none-car cleaning nerds. Broadening the appeal of the video helping it go viral.

But the reason this got sales is the results. They showed how amazing the product is and then answered questions people left in the comments. Happy days. These two methods can be the difference between a good and bad TT shop video.

Your ROAS needs UGC. Enter the go-to UGC solution for ecommerce brands: minisocial, they partner your brand with hand-selected, high-quality creators who produce fully licensed content that brands like Corkcicle, immi, Solawave, and Plant People leverage across paid channels to see ads performing in the top 1% CVR  on TikTok, 50% decrease in costs per add-to-cart, and over a 30% increase on ROAS.


16.2 million views. That’s how many this video got. Created by Madi (A UGC creator who you should be following on Twitter) this video generated over 13,000 sales! That money is then split between the seller and Madi herself. Both parties win. So you can see why you’re seeing so many of these videos on your timeline. Creators can make a little money, the brand make a sale and TikTok get your data 😂

But this is the beauty of TT Shop. A brand doesn’t need to reach out to a million creators, they just list the product. Add a good commission and let the platform do the rest. If I was to start a brand today that is the play I would use. I’d even take it one step further and reach out to people who had the best-performing videos and pay them for the rights then use it as as paid media on TikTok.

Examples like this from Madi is the reason why everyone is talking about TT Shop. You need to act now.

Nature Spell

This is another brand KILLING it on TT Shop. They come up on my feed every day. So how has this pillow brand sold over 700K bottles of their hair oil. Let’s take a look.

Well first up, they have SO many viral videos on their account. But the real magic has happened with the creators, to see what I mean just search ‘Rosemary hair oil’ on TikTok and you’ll be greeted with ENDLESS viral videos. All of them link to the product on Shop. As I mentioned above, this is the cheat code.

But also they add another element to the mix. TikTok Live Shopping. Most days they go live on their account to thousands of people and just sell. Think QVC for Gen Z. They mention a product, it pops up on the screen and people can buy in 3 taps. They do live flash sales to urge purchases, they’ll bring on exports to talk about the benefits. It’s a really great watch. But to me, the real reason they do this is to build a community and answer questions. Someone might be sitting there wanting to buy something that’s holding them back - Well they can pop on the live and get an answer and then buy. Perfect.

This is one brand that is doing everything we’ve covered in this Nice Ads and it’s paying off.

That’s all for this Nice Ads. Something a little different and hopefully you enjoyed it - Let me know what you think

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Until next week - Have a good one and speak soon ✌️

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