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Want Better Creative? Here's Some Advice.

Let's breakdown another 3 creatives this week

It's Hannah, back again with another round of ads that I have particularly enjoyed seeing on my feed! This week we look at three brand new ads and why they caught my eye 👀

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The shock factor. A forgotten marketing strategy that can still work on the feed. And hims has smashed it out of the park with this one. 

A simple static with creative copy is sometimes all you need to catch people's attention while scrolling through your feed. And a scroll stopper that might surprise someone is even more effective. We say it time and time again, but to fight through the millions of posts on social media, a post like this can cut through everything. 

This will work and perform amazingly in my opinion because it isn't overcomplicated. No need to wonder what the product is, it's clearly shown that it's a pill. What's it for? Well, no need to worry, because the copy hints that the product helps with erections. It may sound silly (and pretty obvious), but brands sometimes put too much time into their ad creative without actually needing to. Sometimes, the adverts that perform the best are the ones that don't rely on epic productions. The product speaking for itself sometimes does the job for you. 


If you've ever seen Clueless, then this advert will already appeal to you! Cotton-on's creative stood out on my story for a number of reason - even with it being such a simple ad with cutouts of products on a conveyor. 

This style of creative just works with its target market. The 90's/ early 2000s style is 'in' with teenage girls right now. But why would this ad perform? Well, it works perfectly on a story placement as it is essentially showing you how you can create a capsule wardrobe with one t-shirt and a ton of different trousers. 

For an advert to stand out, you sometimes have to do more than showcase your product. What cotton-on have achieved with this creative is to offer consumers more than a standard ad. It essentially provides viewers with fashion advice. We've been seeing this a lot on TikTok at the minute. To stand out from the rest, you sometimes have to offer people a little bit more. Between your friend's stories to a celebrities day in the life, you have to compete so hard for people to stop and watch. By showing people how to interchange your outfit, you are already attracting people to see what your brand has because you've given them just that little extra.

Giving extra value like this WILL win the click. If you can offer something to stand out from your competitors, then you will reap the rewards - because you are the expert in your field at the end of the day. 

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All top-performing DTC ads have one thing in common, they include UGC! 🎬

But most brands are unable to get UGC at scale, which is actually licensed for use across paid channels.

Enter: minisocial, a user-generated content platform that pairs brand sup with micro-influencer creatives who produce scroll-stopping UGC that you can take and plug in across ALL your marketing channels.

Brands like Huel, Care/of, Harry's, Imperfect Foods, and Native all turn to minisocial when they need UGC-style content for their marketing channels. 

minisocial's campaigns are accessibly priced (starting at $1.7k thanks to your Nice Ads discount 😉) and as a fully-managed platform they take all the stress away and allow you to get started in only 10 minutes


Now this is a VERY clever piece of creative! This ad proves that you can include everything you need in just a 15 second clip!

There is a plethora of reasons for why I feel this video stands out. The first frame straight away will drag viewers in. Within the first second of the advert, you are already hooked to see what Boom is about to claim - and pausing on 'Women are crazy' is genius. It might only be for a few milliseconds, but that's enough for viewers to stop the scroll and continue watching after such a bold statement hits them on the feed. 

Boom has also hit the mark when it comes to social proofing by including UGC within their advert. We tell this to clients all the time, but user-generated content is still massively successful on the majority of social media platforms. We want to see how somebody feels about the product. Social media is home to the world's opinion, so it makes sense to see it in adverts.

Not only that but a ton of positive reviews from real-life consumers have also been included. Reinforcing why your product is popular is so effective. Similar to the previous point made about UGC content, potential customers want to see what people think about the product. To cut through the noise of other brands on the market, you need to make everyone aware of why they come specifically to YOU.

From our experience, mash up style adverts like this just work. In just 15 seconds, we have a scroll stopper, UGC content, reviews, what the product looks like and how it works. Oh, and a call to action at the end. Bravo.

That's all for this week's Nice Ads 👏 Thanks as always for reading - Be sure to check out this week's recommendations below and I'll see you next week.

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