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Should you make short form ad creative?

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Another Monday, another nice ads! Let’s do this shall we? Each week I breakdown 3 ad creatives for you to learn from. So let’s get going.


Short-form GIF-like ads are becoming more and more popular and I saw this one from Asystem and thought it was a great example of what you can achieve with this style of creative.

First off, split screen kills it. Every time. Whether it’s in a hook or it’s the entire creative, it just works. At Fraggell we’ve used it a few times to start a UGC video and the hook rates have been great. But in this case, it makes up the entire creative. The ad is framed by comparing the old way of doing something and the new way (The product) this is super powerful - We do it a lot for our client TruEarth when showing their laundry strips. If your product has a new and exciting way to do something, then tell the world in a creative like this.

In terms of design, it’s solid. Very native looking with the text styling making it easy to consume and because of the length you’ll find people end up watching almost all the video. Ads like this are a must in most accounts right now - So go ahead and get one made!

Evergreen App

While we’re on the topic of short-form content I want to showcase this creative I saw on TikTok from Evergreen App. Apps and SaaS products are hard to make creative for - How do you advertise something you can’t film? Like this.

Advertise the benefits, call out the customer and tell them the outcome. Easy.

This ad is perfect for TikTok. It fits into the current trend of ‘PSA’ content with lots of text on the screen and if targeted well by the platform, I can see a lot of people clicking to download. If an app is free all you need to do is hook the customer, because once you have their attention they have no reason to not download. That’s the secret to ad creative for apps, earn attention and make it a no-brainer download.

But you could very easily make this work for an ecom brand by changing the copy and the background video “PSA: the perfect water bottle is on sale right now, it keeps your water cold for 48 hours and doesn’t cost as much as a Stanley, but looks twice as cute” - See? Just like that, you have a TikTok creative for your bottle brand.

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Real results are the most powerful tool a beauty/skincare brand can use. It can instantly earn you a sale and bring in new customers like never before.

That’s why if you can get away with using them on Meta then it’s the best thing to include. Especially if the before look real like this - They aren’t flattering and they feel like real before photos you’d take on your phone to document your journey to clear skin. They also put them right up front after displaying the product and I can tell you now, that this would have converted like wildfire.

The video is a little longer than usual but for great reason - We’re following along with her on a journey. But overall the video just feels real. The creator looks like a normal person showing a friend how great these products are and how it’s helped them - Another key factor when it comes to skincare creative.

There is a lot to learn in this video - So be sure to watch it in full.

That’s your lot for Nice Ads this week! Thanks for reading as always and I’ll see you next Monday for another one.

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